Colgate ZigZag Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush 3 Pc

Colgate ZigZag Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush 3 Pc
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Get Superior Germ protection with Colgate ZigZag Anti-bacterial toothbrush. Ideal for adults (Men & Women).

This manual toothbrush comes with 100% Anti-bacterial bristles, powered with Silver ion technology, that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the bristle surface.

Inside the mouth. ZigZag’s Multi Angle cross bristles help remove germs from interdental spaces.

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Colgate Zig Zag, one of India’s leading toothbrush brands, is now equipped with 100% Anti-Bacterial bristles, transforming into Colgate Zig Zag Anti-Bacterial. Infused with Silver Ions, these unique bristles inhibit bacteria build up on the bristle surface. Silver Ions (Ag+) attach themselves to the cell membrane on the surface of the Anti Bacterial product. Incoming Cell's protein wrapped bacteria will be destroyed on contact with the metal ion. Destroyed bacteria becomes extinct when it comes in contact with air keeping the surface bacteria free. Inside the mouth, Zig Zag's multi-angled bristles remove germs in between teeth. In addition, ZZ comes with a soft tongue cleaner that gently removes odour causing germs for a fresher breath. Its flexible handle reduces pressure on and softly massages gums. New Zig Zag now offers superior benefits for overall protection.

Colgate Zig Zag deep interdental clean comes with multi-angle zig zag bristles designed to reach deep between teeth for an effective clean. Cleaning tips helps reach deep behind back teeth and cleans hard-to reach areas.

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